Packaging Compliance

Packaging Compliance


Low cost, transparent compliance

Since 1997 (1999 in Northern Ireland), certain businesses that place packaging on the market have had to meet annual targets to recover and recycle packaging waste. Business must register and meet an recovery and recycling obligation if they turnover more than £2 million and place 50 tonnes or more of packaging on the market.

Compliance solutions

Circom operates a packaging compliance service and compliance scheme through its consultancy arm. Our aim is to provide our customers with simple, low cost, transparent services that are designed to fit around their needs.


We provide the option of either direct registration (where you have a unique account on the Environment Agency system), or offer full compliance scheme membership depending on how you wish us to manage your PRN purchasing. Either way, we charge for your PRNs at cost. We look after all aspects of data gathering utilising a nationwide network of consultants and take our customers through the registration process without fuss.

Benefits of Circom Packaging Compliance:

  • Fully managed compliance
  • Data gathering and support
  • Low cost
  • PRNs charged at cost
  • Choice of direct or scheme registration
  • Keep up to date with regular reports

We’ll take the hassle out of packaging compliance

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