Zero Waste To Landfill

What is Zero Waste to Landfill?


Is where none of your waste is sent to landfill, and it is recovered in a more sustainable manner using the latest technology the industry has to offer, typically a few examples are:

  • All dry waste goes to a MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) for sorting
  • Paper and Cardboard and packaging for pulping at a Mill
  • Plastics go for cleaning, and then are reprocessed into recycled pellet for plastics manufacture
  • Food waste into Anaerobic Digestion for renewable energy and sustainable fertiliser
  • Other waste streams all go to most cost effective specific reuse or recycling outlets
  • Residual waste from the MRF that cannot be recovered for Reuse or Recycling is then converted into Refuse Derived Fuel, and used as a sustainable alternative to Fossil Fuel at Energy from Waste plants

Todays Waste, Tomorrow’s Energy

  • Circom also utilise the latest Energy from Waste facilities to convert organic waste into renewable energy
  • National food waste collections are sent to Anaerobic Digestion which creates biogas from the digestion process. The methane from the biogas can be used to power generators and create renewable energy or inject the gas to the grid. The digested food waste is a rich source of nutrients for agricultural land providing a sustainable alternative to chemical based fertilisers

The Benefits from being Zero Waste to Landfill?

  • Reduced exposure to increasing landfill taxes
  • Lower waste spend by learning more about your waste
  • Enhanced environmental profile and brand trust
  • Comply with future legislative requirements
  • Graduate to the next phase, and introduce circularity to some of your waste streams, such as buying back the energy they produce

How Can Circom Help?

  • Audit your inputs, processes, and waste outputs
  • Learn who the key stakeholders for developing a Zero Waste to Landfill Strategy
  • Apply our industry leading knowledge on legislation and resource recovery
  • Put a roadmap together with timings and targets along the way
  • Manage the entire process, and report the benefits, via world class management information

Proving you are Zero Waste to Landfill

  • Circom provide a full audit trail, ensuring that all waste contractors are compliant and ensuring nothing is wasted
  • Circom also work with third party verification bodies to ensure processes are robust and followed
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